Success is doing what you want when you want as much as you want! 

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 My name is Dre, and I'm an affiliate marketer!! You may be asking yourself, what is that?? Well, I'm here to tell you what it is, how I got started, and how you can too! What it means is, I work with several companies and advertise their products in exchange for a commission. You'll need to meet several requirements before becoming an affiliate marketer/Influencer, and I go over these in detail in my blog! 

A quick example is the Amazon Ad on the left below my picture and the Grammarly Ad under this text. The Amazon Ad takes you directly to their site, but I get a commission if anything is bought because it's my link. The same goes for the Grammarly post. If you click it and download their free keyboard, I get a commission. Check out my blog area to learn more!!

I launched Initiate your Life, LLC in 2019 because I became tired of the same routine over and over and over! I decided to start making money online to help myself become "Financially-Free." I will do my best to explain in detail how you can too! 

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Start working on your goals now! Download the document below to help get started! 

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