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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

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Wow!!! Let me start this off by saying that! 'Crushing IT" is what we entrepreneurs need because it contains a ridiculous amount of truth, plus it motivates you beyond this world! Gary has a way of speaking and telling things from his perspective that will make you want to go out and "Crush it"! If you're starting like me, I highly recommend you-tubing him and following him on Social media!!! I will drop his tags below, so all you have to do is click and go! I have listened to his book on Audible three times, and It's coming up again on my rotation! From his book, I learned the beginner's mistakes when starting a blog, and he didn't sugar coat anything, which is what I need! If you're sick of listening to those self-help books that bore the life out of you, get this! If you need help starting a business or advice maintaining your social media following, he's the MAN!! Please check him out and leave comment's/reviews about what you think. Good and bad reviews welcome, let's get it!!! Make this year your year!

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