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Hard-work is the key to success, no shortcuts, no fear!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Hard work is the key to success, no short cuts, and no fear! That's what I believe, and go by anyway! Life is always going to throw challenging things our way, but how we respond is critical! I know many people who want so much out of life, but they're afraid to get out of their comfort zone!

Look, you won't grow without growing pains! Wooah, you might want to read that again! Usually, when you start a new task or adventure, there are pains! When you learn to ride a bike or learn a sport, for example, there are pains that you expect as you begin! Usually, what happens after that is you get better, and eventually, you don't make the same number of mistakes! To get to the next level, you're going to have to jump out there and make it happen! If you sit around waiting for something to happen, or for some good fortune to come your way, you'll be waiting forever!

Starting a new task or journey will make you feel uncomfortable, but you're going to have to push past that too if you want to succeed! There are plenty of examples that show people overcoming their obstacles and making it! If you research a few public figures or celebrities, you might be surprised by what you find! I saw David Goggins on youtube yesterday and watched his clip. That man has been through the same Military training as me and has done a TON more!! I've seen his book at Barnes and Noble before but never got it, simply because I didn't know who he was. After seeing that video, I had to get it, and you can too HERE if you like!

All the great things that have happened to me thus far have happened because I took a risk! I'm so grateful I joined the Army, left my great Home town of Seat pleasant MD, started a business, wrote a book, and started selling on Amazon! Opportunities are out there for you if you take that leap of faith! I learned that "Faith is the starting point for all accumulation of riches" in one of my favorite books, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill! Check it out HERE!

One of my goals is to be financially free by the end of 2021, and I'm almost there! I'm sharing one of my vision boards on here later so you can see how I'm doing it! Until next time, stay blessed, safe, and be the best you can be!

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